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Entirely opposition system for the registration of trademarks was implemented on the territory of Bulgaria after 01.03.2011 with the entry into force of amendments to the Law on Trademarks and Geographical Indications.

In order to meet its clients’ needs IP Consulting® develops and provides the service of “trademark watching”.

The watching we offer is performed by a specialized software, all trademarks with effect on the territory of Bulgaria are being watched, i.e. we monitor the following registers:

  • publications in the Bulletin of the Bulgarian Patent Office – Bulgarian applications;
  • publications in the bulletins of the office responsible for the registration of European Union trade marks – EUIPO;
  • publications in the bulletins of the World intellectual property organization WIPO – applications for international trademarks, acting on the territory of Bulgaria;

If there is a report about a new application that is similar to the watched trademark, the client receives information regarding: the application itself, the applicant, the goods and services it is applied for, period when appropriate actions can be undertaken.

If there is need to take actions for filing an opposition, you can rely on IP Consulting® for:

  • filing and representation regarding oppositions before the Patent office of Republic of Bulgaria against conflict national trademark applications and international trademarks with effect in Bulgaria;
  • filing and representation regarding oppositions before the European union intellectual property office (EUIPO) against conflict applications for registration of European Union trade marks and international trademarks with effect as European Union trade marks;
  • filing oppositions in other countries, where you have a registered trademark.
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